Best Practices for Sexual Harassment Investigations

Sexual harassment investigations are among the most difficult and sensitive cases an investigator will encounter.

Victims may be uncomfortable coming forward due to the sensitive nature of the issue and it may be difficult to get them to talk openly about what happened. The person alleged to have committed sexual harassment may be embarrassed or even angry, especially if the allegations are false. Employers can be liable if sexual harassment complaints aren’t investigated promptly and thoroughly, so it’s imperative that investigators act quickly, tread carefully and follow best practices.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you investigate sexual harassment complaints keeping in mind the sensitivity and potential liability of these cases.

Investigation Report Template

Writing the final report can be one of the toughest, most time-consuming parts of your sexual harassment investigation. This template makes the process quick and easy, saving you time.

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sexual harassment in the workplace between colleagues

Investigating Workplace Sexual Harassment Allegations

Conducting a compliant, confidential and thorough investigation is key to protecting the victim. This article explains how to address complaints, investigate them with their sensitive nature in mind and create policies that focus on prevention.

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10 Tips for Better Sexual Harassment Investigations

Want to conduct more efficient, effective investigations? This cheat sheet outlines how to choose the right investigative team, gather key information from all involved parties, the accused and witnesses and stay objective and fair.

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Investigation Interviews: A Best Practices Guide

Nothing’s worse than wasting precious investigation time on an unproductive interview. This free eBook contains tips on how to get the information you need by asking the right questions, choosing the best location, determining credibility and more.

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Tools to Help You Investigate Sexual Harassment Complaints & Investigation Resources

Investigating Sexual Harassment

Investigation Plan Template

A comprehensive investigation plan ensures your investigative team stays on track and keeps everyone on the same page. Use our free template to create a plan that will help you prevent an unorganized, inefficient investigation.

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Investigating Sexual Harassment Webinar

In this webinar, employment attorney Allison West outlines the critical steps investigators should take when investigating sexual harassment and how you can avoid common investigation mistakes.

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employee complaint

How (Not) to Handle a Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaint

If a sexual harassment is handled incorrectly, your company could face a lawsuit from the victim, the accused person or both. Protect your company and your employees by avoiding these mistakes.

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detecting deception in investigation interviews

How to Detect Deception in Investigation Interviews

How can you tell if an interview subject is lying? This eBook explains forms of deception, how to set a baseline to gauge the subject’s answers and how to get better at detecting deception.

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Prevent incidents and issues, protect your team, brand and bottom line.

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