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Investigating Sexual Harassment

Best Practices for Investigating Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment investigations are among the most difficult and sensitive cases an investigator will encounter.

Victims may be uncomfortable coming forward due to the sensitive nature of the issue and it may be difficult to get them to talk openly about what happened. The person alleged to have committed sexual harassment may be embarrassed or even angry, especially if the allegations are false. Employers can be liable if sexual harassment complaints aren’t investigated promptly and thoroughly, so it’s imperative that investigators act quickly, tread carefully and follow best practices.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you investigate sexual harassment complaints keeping in mind the sensitivity and potential liability of these cases.

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Helpful Sexual Harassment Investigation Resources

Investigating Sexual Harassment Webinar

Join Allison West as she outlines the critical steps that need to take place when investigating sexual harassment and how to avoid the common investigation mistakes.

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