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Internal Investigations

Best Practices for Conducting Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are conducted for a wide range of reasons, but no matter the purpose, best practices dictate that they must be timely, thorough and fair.

When investigating workplace misconduct, fraud, bribery and corruption or employee relations issues, conducting an effective internal investigation can reduce the risk of an expensive lawsuit, reputation damage and heavy regulatory sanctions. In fact, companies that can prove that they conducted a timely and effective internal investigation often receive lower fines, even when they were shown to be negligent.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you conduct internal investigations that lower risk, increase compliance and adhere to best practices.

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Helpful Internal Investigation Resources

Conducting Workplace Investigations Webinar

Join Lorene Schaefer as she discusses the investigation process from start to finish and shares tips to help you demonstrate procedural fairness throughout the entire investigation process.

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