How Ethical Companies Prevent Fraud

Studies show that ethical companies experience less fraud and other misconduct. A culture of ethics not only fosters strong business relationships and a positive public reputation, but can also help companies prevent internal fraud. In this collection of resources, you’ll find ideas and tips on how you can incorporate ethics into your organization to reduce fraud.

Code of Ethics Template

A code of ethics explains your company’s values and what behavior is (and isn’t) acceptable, guiding employees and keeping you accountable to the public. Download this free code of ethics template to start writing yours.

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3 Critical Reasons to Establish a Culture of Ethics in Your Company

Establishing an ethical company culture can be a lot of work, and you might wonder if it’s worth it. This article outlines three huge benefits you’ll see when you integrate ethics in your day to day operations.

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expense reimbursement fraud

Expense Reimbursement Fraud: How to Protect Your Company

Expense reimbursement fraud costs US companies $1 billion per year. This article explains how to employ strong prevention and detection strategies to keep your organization safe from this common fraud.

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corporate fraud prevention

Corporate Fraud Prevention: The Ultimate Guide

This article explains how strong policies and employee training, well-maintained reporting mechanisms, and a plan for when corporate fraud does happen, you can protect your company from financial and reputational hardships.

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Incorporate Ethics Company-Wide to Prevent Fraud

Department-Specific Tips and Tricks

How to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your Accounts Payable Department

A combination of internal controls and an honest, open company culture keep AP employees honest and strengthen your vendor relationships.

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How to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your Accounts Receivable Department

Accounts receivable fraud schemes are often complex and can be tough to detect. This article explains common AR scams and lists steps you can take to avoid them.

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How to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your Procurement Department

Procurement fraud often also involves ethical lapses, such as bribery and corruption. Read this article to learn the different forms procurement fraud can take and how to keep it out of your organization.

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How to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Your HR Department

HR staff has access to employee data and company assets, opening the door to a wide array of fraud schemes. Training, careful hiring practices and strong internal controls can prevent fraud in your human resources department.

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Investigate and prevent internal fraud.

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