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i-Sight’s ethics and compliance software helps you uncover, investigate, and prevent fraud, bribery, corruption, and compliance lapses all in one place. Once your secure i-Sight system, you can analyze case data and stamp out E&C risks before they turn into major issues.

In this collection, you’ll find resources to help boost the effectiveness of your ethics and compliance programs, plus information on how software can streamline your processes.

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core values exercise

6 Core Values Exercises for Defining Your Company's Ethics Culture

Defining your company’s core values tells both internal and external stakeholders what is important to the organization. But you can’t just slap down any old buzzwords. A core values exercise helps you figure out your top priorities for day-to-day operations.

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Code of Ethics Template

The easiest way to prevent E&C incidents is to communicate your expectations well. A strong code of ethics shows your commitment to ethical business and tells employees the types of behavior you won’t stand for.

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The 7-Step Plan to Instill an Ethical Culture, Prevent Fraud, and Improve Profitability

When you commit to a culture of ethics you’ll improve every aspect of your business: finances, employee well-being, asset protection, and ingenuity. Learn how to establish an ethical workplace culture that prevents misconduct.

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Back to the Future: The Importance of Triage and Investigative Protocol

Planning, choosing a team, and meeting the inevitable challenges of an investigation can be difficult. But the added compliance pressure to investigate quickly, thoroughly, and accurately can be downright overwhelming. This white paper details some key steps to meet this burden, no matter your organization’s size or industry.

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Why You Need Ethics and Compliance Software

The Benefits of an E&C System

How to Use Case Management Software for Compliance Automation

Compliance lapses can be costly, to both your bottom line and your organization’s reputation. Reduce your risk of mistakes by automating reporting and other tasks with case management software.

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USANA Health Sciences Case Study

Find out how USANA Health Sciences used i-Sight ethics and compliance software to boost accountability, resolve cases faster, and identify trends to prevent risks.

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ethics investigation

Conducting an Ethics Investigation: A Comprehensive 20-Step Guide

An ethics issue is your chance to take action against your organization’s risk and move forward using lessons learned. Ethics and compliance software can make the investigation process go more smoothly.

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Compliance Investigation Report Template

Reporting is a key step in compliance investigations. With ethics and compliance software, you can build reporting templates, like this one, right into your system to streamline the process.

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Looking for whistleblower content?

Here's What You Need in Your Whistleblower Policy (and Why)

If employees don’t know what types of behavior they should report, your whistleblower program won’t do much good. In this guide, we outline what to include in your policy, including behaviors to look for and how to report.

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speak up culture

What is a Speak Up Culture? (and Why Your Organization Needs One)

An organizational culture that encourages reporting concerns improves your overall ethics and helps prevent incidents. If you want to promote a culture where both your employees and your organization are safe and successful, follow this guide.

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Shannon Walker

How to Set Up a Whistleblower Hotline

In this webinar, you’ll learn the value of a good whistleblower hotline, how to choose the best option for your organization, and how to implement it as part of a larger ethics program.

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Whistleblower Policy Template

A whistleblower policy is an essential document for every organization. It protects employees from retaliation, ensuring you’re compliant with whistleblower protection laws, plus encourages employees to speak up when they see an issue. Here’s what to include in yours.

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E&C investigations are complex. Case management software makes them easier.

i-Sight’s logical and structured workflow ensures that all steps are tracked and completed, deadlines are met, and stakeholders are always in the loop. Request a demo today!

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