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i-Sight’s corporate security software reduces your risk of security incidents by helping you track, investigate, and manage your investigations more effectively.

Here you’ll find resources to improve your security investigations, as well as information on how software can make your processes more efficient.

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11 Expert Tips for Data Breach Prevention

Personal data is now the world’s most valuable resource and the collection of it shows no signs of slowing down. In this article, we explore how data breaches happen, how to respond if you experience one, and how to prevent cybersecurity incidents to protect your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

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workplace incident investigation checklist

Workplace Incident Investigation Checklist

Conducting security incident investigations that are fair, timely, thorough, and effective is essential to a good work environment. Proper investigations protect your employees’ safety and well-being, promote a disruption-free workplace, and can even save your organization’s reputation in the wake of an incident.

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10 Must-Read Books on Corporate Security

The security industry changes quickly. New theories come out and disprove the old, new technologies make the previous versions obsolete, and new solutions are infinitely more effective than their predecessors. To help you stay relevant and knowledgeable, here are ten corporate security books you absolutely must read.

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prevent issues with case management software

How to Prevent Issues and Incidents with Case Management Software

If your organization takes a reactive approach to security issues, you’re putting the company and your employees at risk. In this article, you’ll learn how corporate security software prevents incidents, promoting a safer, happier workplace.

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Why You Need Corporate Security Software

Benefits of an All-in-One Security Investigation System

Managing Security Investigations with Case Management Software

Corporate security software provides all the information you need to identify patterns and spot recurring security incidents. It also helps you resolve cases faster to improve employee safety and minimize risks.

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security incident report

Security Incident Report Template

Reporting is a key step after a security breach. With corporate security software, you can build reporting templates, like this one, right into your system to streamline the process.

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data breach reporting

How to Report a Data Breach: 5 Critical Steps

While corporate security software is the easiest way to ensure you’re reporting properly, this step-by-step guide explains what to do when you suffer a data breach to avoid non-compliance fines and complaints from customers or clients.

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NYC Health and Hospitals Correctional Health Services Case Study

i-Sight helped New York City Health and Hospitals Correctional Health Services cut regulatory reporting time in half, reduced risk, and improved operational efficiency.

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Security investigations are complex. Case management software makes them easier.

i-Sight’s logical and structured workflow ensures that all steps are tracked and completed, deadlines are met, and stakeholders are always in the loop. Request a demo today!

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