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Are you struggling to address complaints in a timely, consistent manner? Staying on top of complaints is essential to attract and retain loyal customers, and complaint software can help. This resource collection contains tips and best practices for tracking and managing customer complaints.

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Best Practices for Handling Complaints Cheat Sheet

Following best practices for handling complaints can increase customer loyalty and cut your resolution costs in half. This free cheat sheet shares the steps to follow for successful complaint management.

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Customer Complaint Letter Response Template

When their expectations or needs aren’t met, customers may voice their concerns with a complaint letter to your organization. This free template helps you provide them with satisfying, consistent replies, while improving your overall customer service.

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Are You Taking Too Long to Acknowledge Customer Complaints?

Customers often decide whether or not to continue doing business with your company based on complaint resolution time. This article explains why and how to respond to customers quickly.

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Top 10 Skills for Handling Customer Complaints Effectively

If you handle customer complaints well, you can avoid investigations, lawsuits, and bad press. This article shares ten key skills your employees must possess to effectively manage customer complaints.

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Guides to Using Complaint Software in Your Organization

Handling Customer Complaints: A Best Practices Guide

Is your current complaint management system effective? Use this free eBook to help you design and implement your company’s ideal processes.

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4 Ways Complaint Software Improves Your Customer Service

Improving customer experience can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. In this article you’ll learn how complaint software can help you establish a reputation for great customer service by streamlining your processes and helping your team work more efficiently.

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Turning Point Brands Case Study

i-Sight’s powerful complaints software helped one company achieve a 99 per cent customer approval rating. Learn how by reading their case study.

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6 Tips for Effective Customer Complaint Management

This article outlines six things your complaint management system must have to be successful. (Hint: One of them is using complaint software).

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Robust Software is the Best Way to Manage Complaints

i-Sight ensures that you track every customer interaction efficiently and accurately, creating a clear, searchable record. Request a demo today!

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