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Code of Conduct

Best Practices for Writing Your Code of Conduct

There’s a lot of risk riding on your company’s code of conduct. Make sure it’s a good one.

A strong code of conduct protects your company. By setting out rules for behavior, a code of conduct is a valuable tool for managers to enforce standards across the organization, reducing the risks associated with employee misconduct. A strong code of conduct shows courts, in the event of a lawsuit, that the company takes employee behavior seriously and backs it up with policies and procedures. And by establishing rules for behavior, a great code of conduct makes it easier for employees to behave well because they know what is expected of them, making your company a more pleasant place to work.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to show you how to write a code of conduct that incorporates best practices and then enforce the code to ensure adherence.

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Helpful Code of Conduct Resources

Webinar: How to Write a Code of Conduct that Works for Your Organization

Jason Lunday, an ethics and compliance consultant and advisor, as he walks you through the steps to writing a company code of conduct that protects you and your organization from liability.

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