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Case Information All in One Place

Entire Case History

Each case file contains the entire history of the investigation and provides a complete audit trail, which can be exported as a comprehensive investigation report.

Every activity that occurs during an investigation is shown in the case file in chronological order, dated and time stamped. Every attachment, email, note and case progression is listed, showing exactly who did what and when. When the investigation concludes, the case file contains everything you need to show that your investigation was thorough, timely and complete.

With every activity logged in the case file, you can also track time and expenses and generate reports that break down the information.

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Each report you build in i-Sight can be set up for automatic sharing using the broadcast feature

Case Information All in One Place


Add notes to any case file directly from the dashboard or from within the case. Notes are stored in chronological order for easy access and reporting.

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Send and receive email directly from your case or forward an existing email string directly into the appropriate case file.

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Attachments and Evidence

Add files to the case as attachments by emailing or uploading them to the case file.

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Case History and Audit Trail

Maintain a complete history and audit trail of your investigations, with every activity, note and attachment listed in chronological order.

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Investigation Report

Create a complete case report, or investigation report, with one click, pulling all the case information from the case file into a pre-formatted investigation report template.

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Track Time, Expenses and Recoveries

Track time, expenses and recoveries using the case file, which contains every activity related to the investigation, date- and time-stamped for reference.

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“Anyone who manages a large volume of cases needs a case management system like this.”

West Virginia Insurance Commission

Smart Workflows →

Enforce a structured process according to established best practices, from intake, through case assignment and tracking, to resolution.

Access Roles →

Set customized access roles to allow authorized users to see and/or change cases based on their role levels.

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