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Meric Craig Bloch

Strategic Advisor at Winter Investigations


Author Profile

Meric Craig Bloch is a Strategic Advisor, Designer, Trainer, and Investigations Coach at Winter Investigations.

Winter Investigations promotes the business success of its clients by helping them conduct thorough investigations using professional techniques and allocating resources efficiently. We help our clients maximize the value of their investigations, provide business-related intelligence, minimize business risks, and foster a speak-up culture.

Meric is passionate about investigations. He has 20+ years of experience as an investigator, subject-matter expert, investigations trainer, coach, mentor, and thought leader. He holds many certifications, including Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Crime Specialist, Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional - Fellow, Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe, and Professional Certified Investigator.

Service Offerings & Specialties

Designing or Optimizing the Investigation Process

  • assess your current investigations process to measure its effectiveness
  • improve the process to ensure that its structure fits your organization’s specific risk profile and your ethics-and-compliance program goals
  • prepare policies, protocols and templates to ensure that investigations are done consistently and with reliable results
  • ensure that your process is effective and relevant

Investigations Coaching and Monitoring

  • expert coaching to enable internal staff to complete the investigation at a fraction of the cost of referring it to outside resources
  • advisory services to support your day-to-day management of the investigations program to ensure that the process is efficient, business focused, and protects the organization


  • conduct investigations on behalf of companies
  • single workplace investigation or a broader engagement to handle all of a company’s workplace investigation needs
  • complement your existing resources to investigate incidents which arise outside of the ordinary course of business but which are less than those situations requiring a full law-firm response
  • investigate part or all of a case that is being handled by outside counsel

Training – see below

Course Syllabus

  • Basic investigation techniques
  • Conducting effective workplace interviews
  • Predicating and planning an investigation
  • Detecting deception in interviews
  • Investigation report writing
  • Conducting an investigation under direction of counsel
  • Managing a workplace investigation process
  • Demonstrating the business value of workplace investigations
  • Minimizing retaliation claims in your investigations process
  • Fraud awareness and education
  • Hotline management and intake

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