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Fast, Easy Data Analysis

Reports can be published, shared and distributed automatically to stakeholders on a set schedule so decision makers have the tools they need for analysis and improvement.

With all investigation data stored in a central repository, powerful data analysis is fast and easy. Using the drag-and-drop report builder, you can report on cases using any criteria, such as geographical area, branch, investigator or case type. You can use this information to spot trends and areas that need attention.

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Investigation Dashboard

i-Sight’s personalized dashboards display all the summary reports, open cases and information investigators need to have at their fingertips.

i-Sight Investigation Reports
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Generate insightful, comprehensive summary reports by dragging and dropping data fields into one of 74 report formats.

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Publishing & Sharing

Print, export to PowerPoint or PDF documents and publish, share or broadcast your i-Sight reports to recipients on a pre-set schedule or individually.

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“My superiors can go into i-Sight at any time and immediately get what they need by running one of the custom reports I’ve set up for them.”


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Create new cases quickly and easily, collecting all complaints and case-related information from any intake stream into one central file.

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Manage investigations with workflow rules that create a logical, structured process and all case information stored in one place.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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Access i-Sight’s intuitive and friendly interface at any time on any computer or mobile device.

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i-Sight offers a collection of powerful features that simplify your job and create opportunities for increased productivity.

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