i-Sight is an established company with the soul of a start-up
where creativity, hard work, and humility are rewarded.

Life at i-Sight

While i-Sight has the feel of a startup, it boasts the size, stability, and efficiency of a mid-cap company that punches above its weight in the realm of large cap companies. Working for i-Sight means you care more about collective output than you do about your own individual contributors. You’ve got to be a team player.

i-Sight creates software that helps companies uncover, investigate and prevent incidents – like fraud or harassment – that can bring a business to its knees. We work with hundreds of customers, all while steadily growing over 20 years from a startup to a 150+ employee powerhouse. A mission this important needs people who are equally as committed to changing the world for the better.

Employees of Team i-Sight want the best for their customers and themselves. They prioritize customer outcomes, execute as part of a high-performance team, and strive for continuous career growth. However, what’s work without a little play? Team i-Sight enjoys a healthy work-life balance that lets employees align personal priorities with those of the job. All we ask in return is that when it’s time to perform, our employees do so with care and mastery.

Perks and Benefits

Your success is important to us. From our physical space to our benefits,
our employee perks support you both inside the office and out.

These are the favorites as voted by our team:

Remote-First Workplace


Opportunity to work fully remote with flexible work hours

Community Involvement


Allocated paid volunteer hours for time off to give back to our community

Professional Development


Education and professional development reimbursement program for courses, conferences, and books

Health Benefits


Employer paid health, dental, and vision benefits, including mental health (EAP)

Paid Time Off


Paid vacation time, appointment and sick leave

Summer Half-Day Fridays


Office closes at 1PM June through August so employees can enjoy time with family and friends

Working at i-Sight

We have the best case management software on the market.

i-Sight’s top-shelf service backed by an exceptional product makes our case management software stands out from the crowd. We work in a growing niche and are early movers in our space. We care about customers, and most of our clients refer us new business, creating an organic growth machine.

We provide our employees freedom, trust, and autonomy.

Our training, support, and mentorship programs are top-notch, but you don’t have to wait years to share your big ideas. We like people who take initiative and surprise us with their genius. If you believe in something, then you have our permission to pitch it and convince your team.

We have the soul of a startup with the stability of a mid-cap company.

i-Sight is a private company that is growing by leaps and bounds every quarter. We have more than 150 employees who believe in our mission and make our company great. Unlike a startup, we won’t put you on an emotional rollercoaster. You won’t be constantly putting out fires or worrying if the company will make payroll. We’re strong and stable, but we hate bureaucracy and red tape. We love go-getters with the vision to see a better way and the skill to execute it.

Our Culture

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Join our team!

We offer a flexible work environment that supports learning and advancement, where your contribution is directly linked to your success. We have lives outside of work, and we understand that you do too. We believe that a strong work-life balance fosters healthy, happy employees who enjoy coming to work.

Sound good? Explore our open positions below to see if there’s an opportunity here for you.


Free to Be Remarkable.

i-Sight is an established company with the soul of a startup where creativity, hard work, and humility are rewarded. We nurture growth, thrive on collaboration, and strive to do remarkable work. We love self-motivated people who get a kick out of solving hard problems for the top-notch clients we’ve earned over the years (Rivian, Warner Media, J&J, Twitter, EA, Airbnb, HelloFresh and NBC Universal to name a few!)

We have the freedom to think creatively, innovate, experiment, and adapt to anything thrown our way. That freedom comes from candid communication. We’re honest and transparent with each other and comfortable ditching jargon for plain-speak.

We’re not territorial about ideas and collectively do what’s best for the team and the client. We hold each other accountable thrive on collaboration, not personal goals. You might be a star player, but you need to pass the puck.

We strive to be the best and are motivated to win alongside a world-class team. To help you level-up your career, we offer mentorship programs and juicy annual training budgets.

As much as we love to win, we also love to let loose. At i-Sight you can join regular team-building and social outings, live it up with half-day Fridays through the summer, and take a break with extended winter holiday time off.

We’re committed to a “work anywhere” approach, giving you the flexibility to strike the right balance between your work and home lives. We understand COVID-19 has changed the way we all work, so our employees choose whether they want to work from our office, in a hybrid model, or go completely remote.

 “We’re an exciting company in an exciting time,
we’re helping big companies eradicate risk, fraud and security threats.
Our product is best in the market. We’re on a rocket ship.”

Leadership at i-Sight

“A great thing about i-Sight is that you get so much hands-on experience.
Code that you started with might become a standard
that future developers use down the road.” 

Developer at i-Sight



“I don’t have to sell anyone on the work culture at i-Sight,
because they quickly understand that you have the freedom
to take on whatever you want here.”

Marketing Manager at i-Sight


Diversity at i-Sight

i-Sight views workplace diversity as an equal employment opportunity to include inherent differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural/linguistic backgrounds, religion, marital status, sexual orientation/gender identity, and intellectual and/or physical abilities in the workplace. The ability to diversify the workforce means bringing new life experiences, socio-economic and educational backgrounds and personalities in order to foster original ideas.

i-Sight has always promoted an inclusive and open environment while encouraging employees to respect and accept their peers. i-Sight understands that each individual is unique and recognizes these differences as strengths when incorporated into a team. The diversity in the i-Sight workforce has enabled the company to leverage individual backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to provide quality products and customer service within a diverse community.

To promote workforce diversity, i-Sight has taken steps to allow for a balance of work and life responsibilities so that employees have flexibility in their scheduling. i-Sight recognizes that everyone has commitments in their personal lives and works to accommodate those commitments where possible to allow for a harmonious work environment.



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