Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to responsible practices and engaged in our community


i-Sight is committed to ongoing education and public reporting on company corporate social responsibility policies as well as the company’s sustainability efforts.

As policies change and evolve, i-Sight ensures that updated information and activities are reported as soon as possible.



i-Sight understands that corporate social responsibility extends to our entire supply chain. This encompasses not only the products and services supplied but also the human rights, ethics, and social practices of our suppliers.

One goal of the corporate social responsibility procurement program at i-Sight is to build partnerships with like-minded organizations that agree to actively participate in our supply chain initiatives. To achieve this goal in the future, i-Sight is committed to further developing the program and actively seeking out future business partners who are the most environmentally and workforce friendly, all while keeping cost and availability in mind.

To ensure i-Sight is in business with workforce-conscious companies, the following conditions must be met to the best of i-Sight’s knowledge:

  • Forced Labour: Suppliers shall employ all employees under their own free will with no one being subjected to bonded or forced labor.
  • Child Labour: Suppliers shall not employ any people under the minimum legal working age of the country in which they work.
  • Responsible Environmental Impact: Suppliers shall produce measurable environmental impact reports and work to reduce environmental pollution.



i-Sight’s supplier diversity program aims to improve customer experience by providing equal access to a supply base that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and work.



i-Sight believes in a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. The following policies have been put into place to protect employees and ensure that i-Sight remains a safe workplace.

  • Violence: All employees have a right to a safe and violence-free workplace. Any violence within the workplace is considered a criminal issue warranting immediate action by management and relevant authorities.
  • Forced Labor: i-Sight shall employ all employees by their own free will with no employee being subjected to forced or bonded labor.
  • Child Labor: No children under the age of (14) fourteen years of age shall be employed by i-Sight with or without compensation in compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Act. Proof of age shall be required for those under the age of 18 seeking employment.
  • Abuse and Harassment: i-Sight respects all employee human rights and does not tolerate abuse or any form of harassment within the workplace.
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Every i-Sight employee has the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining without risk of reprimand. i-Sight shall respect the right of employees to associate freely and for groups to negotiate working environments, wages and other matters with employers.
  • Equal Remuneration: i-Sight is committed to ensuring equal remuneration between employees based on equal work for equal pay.
  • Equal Opportunity: i-Sight is committed to providing equal opportunity to all potential and current employees with no preference given to race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, etc.



i-Sight views workplace diversity as an equal employment opportunity to include inherent differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural/linguistic backgrounds, religion, marital status, sexual orientation/gender identity, intellectual and/or physical abilities in the work place. The ability to diversify the workforce means bringing new life experiences, socio-economic and educational backgrounds and personalities in order to foster original ideas.

i-Sight has always promoted an inclusive and open environment while encouraging employees to respect and accept their peers. i-Sight understands that each individual is unique and recognizes these differences as strengths when incorporated into a team. The diversity in the i-Sight workforce has enabled the company to leverage individual backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to provide quality products and customer service within a diverse community.

To promote workforce diversity, i-Sight has taken steps to allow for a balance of work and life responsibilities so that employees have flexibility in their scheduling. i-Sight recognizes that everyone has commitments in their personal lives and works to accommodate those commitments where possible to allow for a harmonious work environment.



i-Sight aims to provide the best possible equipment to employees, keeping in mind the nature of office work and continued sitting which can lead to chronic health issues. Upon moving to a new location, i-Sight had the opportunity to purchase all new office equipment and selected the best in ergonomic furniture.

Chairs have been, and will continue to be, purchased through high end retailers to ensure maximum ergonomic benefits.

The office was designed to bring in as much natural light as possible via many large windows and transparent sun shades. Work stations are low to enable employees to work in an open concept workspace.



At i-Sight there have been many changes made over the past years to reduce environmental impact as a result of our business and the businesses of our customers. Our new office space at 2255 Carling Ave in Ottawa was designed and constructed specifically for i-Sight allowing for optimal control over sustainability and environmental concerns.



i-Sight case management software solutions work to eliminate the need for paper and printing in our offices and our customers’ offices by storing information digitally rather than traditional paper filing and forms. As well as paper conservation, i-Sight’s collaborative and mobile features reduce fuel consumption and cut emissions for our clients.



i-Sight promotes and supports environmentally conscious employee travel choices such as bicycling to and from work. i-Sight also installed an enclosed bike storage area to enable employees to store their bicycles securely during the work day.



i-Sight continues to consider sustainability and the environmental impact of our company. By selecting local suppliers and those who embrace sustainable business practices we can ensure that we impact the environment in a positive way through smart choices.



i-Sight would like to continue to expand within the community that has supported the company’s growth and development over the years and is also home to our employees.

When designing our new offices, i-Sight wanted to showcase local artists in the art featured on the walls of communal spaces and offices. Showcasing local art provides the artists with exposure and interest not only from employees, but also from office visitors and clients who come into our location.

Charitable involvement is important to i-Sight and a charity committee meets ones a month to discuss potential and ongoing projects. These include:


An annual toy drive for the Salvation Army’s Toy Mountain initiative. Staff members bring in new, unwrapped gifts to donate to the 16,000 needy children in the Ottawa region who rely on this charity. For every toy brought in by an employee, the company matches the donation with two more toys and delivers them to the Salvation Army.


Donations for housing support for low income men and women. i-Sight’s donations to Daybreak Housing, which provides minimum support housing for those transitioning out of homelessness and struggling with mental illness, addiction or fleeing abuse, have allowed the organization to improve its facilities and services.


Donation to Centre 454, which provides counseling and practical daily supports (such as laundry, showers and hygiene products) as well as in-reach services to the homeless and at-risk population in Ottawa. i-Sight’s donation has allowed the organization to continue to provide its services on weekends over the winter months.


i-Sight sponsors a local Bantam hockey team, helping to ensure children have the opportunity to participate in sports and live healthy lifestyles, as well as one-off sponsorships of disadvantaged children to enable them to play sports.


Donation to Ottawa Food Bank Community Harvest to allow the purchase of multiple gardening tools and equipment, allowing the project to operate more efficiently and provide better support to Ottawa’s disadvantaged community.


Sponsorship of a full wish for the Children’s Wish Foundation, a registered national Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to fulfill the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

connected canadians

Participation in Connected Canadians workplace sponsored volunteer program to promote digital literacy skills amongst older adults by providing free technology training and support.

Ottawa Food bank community harvest

i-Sight volunteers help out during the growing season with the Ottawa Food Bank’s community harvest program, planting seedlings, weeding, tilling and harvesting crops at the seven-acre Black Family Farm.

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